All Locaality Things To Do & Food Experiences are:

  • 100% Locaality

    Who you see is who you get.
    The Locaality host you book is the
    host that welcomes you.

  • 100% Private

    All Locaality experiences
    are private, meaning exclusively
    for you or your group.

  • 100% Real Experiences

    From city highlights to hidden gems.
    From food essentials to home dinners,
    our hosts share it with you.

  • Local Experiences in Singapore

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  • Local Cuisine at it's best!

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  • Do what the Locals do

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How it works

1. Find

Our hosts share with you the best their city has to offer. From highlights to hidden gems, from street food to home dinners, find them here.

2. Book

You found the host you want? Book directly or contact the host to get a 100% personalized offer. Just as you wish.

3. Enjoy

You're there! Your host welcomes you. Enjoy this memorable experience together :)

Get a real taste of Malaysian culture by learning to cook Malaysian Dishes

Locaality connects people through food and experiences. Our local hosts are food lovers with cooking skills that will impress your taste buds.

Who is the Singaporean family and just how do we live?

Meet the locals who make Singapore unique. Exchange experiences and gain new insights into how Singaporeans really live.

Things to do in Singapore

There are quite a few highlights worth seeing in Singapore, but….

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Become a Locaality Host!

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